27 Aug, 2018    FhuA evolution paper was published in Infect Immun. Congratulations, Yueming and Xiongbin!

23 Aug, 2018    Chemotherapy response prediction paper was published in Sci Rep. Congratulations to our collaborators!

04 Jul, 2018    Bing-Ming's review paper was published in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Congratulations!

11 Jun, 2018    Our PE risk prediction paper was published in BioMed Res Int. Congratulations to our collaborators and Xinjie!

12 Mar, 2018    Xi Cheng was admitted by Huazhong University of Science and Technology into the 2018 Clinical Postgraduate                          Programme in Ophthalmology. Congratulations!

01 Mar, 2018    The Springer book we edited Transcriptome Data Analysis was published by Humana Press.

04 Feb, 2018    Registration of Software Copyrights for LUdiff (No. 2018SR054556) and LUADpp (No. 2018SR054553).


20 Dec, 2017    Xinjie won the Special Prize in Shenzhen University Undergraduate Challenge Cup 2017. Congratulations!

20 Dec, 2017    Jiaxian won the Third Prize in Shenzhen University Undergraduate Challenge Cup 2017. Congratulations!

01 Dec, 2017    Our project on pre-eclampsia genomics in Chinese women got supported by a Shenzhen University Interdisciplinary                          Innovation Team Funding.

20 Nov, 2017    Xinjie won the 2017 College Students National Scholarship. Congratulations to Xinjie!

18 Nov, 2017    Xinjie's paper was selected to be presented in the 10th Annual Meeting of the Chinese College Students' Innovation                           and Entrepreneurship (11 for Guandong and 1 for Shenzhen in total). Congratulations!

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